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UTV Guys


Jonathan “Toolman” Tabb


Group Dad yet he is the youngest, focusing on wrenching while dreaming about ripping! He also maintains the socials and puts together the edits. Piloting #Seabreeze While impatiently waiting for the fresh Speed UTV.

“This journey for me is the adventure I have always pursued in life; I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us get to where we are now. And remember to never let the heart of the free rider die. “

Patrick “Stickerman” Martin


Older brother of the two, Patrick is a driver by birth. He has the same free rider passion we all do, but with a hint or style than most of us. He rips #Patriot2.0 and we all know he loves his stickers!

“Having been involved in the off-road industry my entire life from racing to working in the shops to now trying to carve out my own piece of it, I’ve come to appreciate how everyone truly has the same passion that I do and how small of a world our off-road community truly is.”

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